Estimating Services

Besides building wonderful homes for our clients, Bullseye Properties focuses
on providing exceptional services. Building homes is what we love, but a
construction company has to take care of business with the financial side of the
project too.

Bullseye Properties has developed our own estimating software that has
become invaluable to our company. We produce detailed construction
estimates that give us the exact cost of any home we would like to build. Our
estimates focus on dollars rather than sticks and bricks. We have a system that
uses many different calculations based on certain parts of your plans.  We
enter in key quantities and the software does the rest.  We then personalize the
estimate to your standards and selections.

Our completed estimate is 100% ready for job costing. Which is more important
to you, how many studs your house will require, or how much your house will
cost? Our clients prefer to know costs and budgets.

Bullseye Properties offers our estimating services to other builders, architects,
and individuals trying to find a plan for their budget. We believe a detailed cost
estimate would be valuable when negotiating a contract to build your home.
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